galop / a circus bike tour

- A celebration of the circus, the bike and lots of lunacy -

Galop, the circus performance by Liza van Brakel and TENT is coming to you. All by bike! Galop is a cycle tour and circus performance in one, if that's not sustainable. Liza converted her own pink, white and purple bike into a parade horse and, with her tent mounted on the back, she is touring festivals and villages this summer with her short performance. And where she stops, she makes her own arena.

Liza works with everything she can lay her hands on. With her juggling and movement skills and with the resounding bike bell, the brightly colored water bottle, and small bicycle mechanisms, she creates an outdoor circus performance. Along the way, Liza is inspired by all the spontaneous encounters that make every show different. With Galop, Liza brings a sustainable, contemporary version of the traditional traveling circus. This wonderful and fresh performance celebrates the love of cycling and nomadic circus life and contributes ideas for a sustainable future. And if you want, you can cycle along with Liza after the performance.

CREDITS CONCEPT • DIRECTION Liza van Brakel ARTIST Liza van Brakel MUSIC COMPOSITION Roel Vermeer • Liza van Brakel OUTSIDE EYE Luca Lombardi • Julia Campistany DOCUMENTARY Sven Peetoom PROJECT LEADER Hanneke Meijers PRODUCTION Majlen Hoogeveen PRODUCER TENT RESIDENCIES Werkplaats Diepenheim • OASE SUPPORTED BY Performing Arts Fund NL • Amsterdam Fund for the Arts • NORMA fonds • De Olland-Buisman Stichting • Stichting Young Art Support Amsterdam THANKS TO Edwin Schulte • Mingo Hagen • Pia van den Beuken