Liza, no s, was born in the Netherlands and started doing circus on a very young age. She joined a youth circus in Arnhem and from that moment on she fell in love with the circus. 

She decided to do auditions for 'Codarts - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten', and there she spend 4 years. In these 4 years Liza started to combine two of her favorite disciplines; Object manipulation and Floor-acrobatics. With this she made a unique research based on movement and physicality. 


Since June 2017 she is graduated from Codarts Circus Arts as a circus artist. During her career she had the honor to perform at many different places all over the world: 

Circusstad Festival Rotterdam, NL

Twins - Francesco Sgro, Auch, FR

Waalhalla, Rotterdam, NL

Terminal festival dell'arte in strada, Udine, IT

LIFE! - Roberto Magro, Codarts Rotterdam, NL

It were the mistakes that made us famous - Dick Hauser, Codarts Rotterdam, NL

Turn on the lights - La fura Dels Baus, Amsterdam, NL

Gala Munich Juggling Convention, Munich, DE

... and many more!